Healing Soul, Body and Mind

This photograph was taken at Mount Kenya in February 2017


The photograph of Lake Ellis, featured here, is one of my favourites. You can literally feel the landscape as you gaze upon it and imagine yourself there, soaking up the spirit of the land. It captures the essence of the landscape and emits a gentle, soothing harmony that permeates the soul. Nature, in all its glory, is a beautiful symphony that nurtures the soul and heals the body and mind.

As I sit here writing this blog, I am reflecting on all of the experiences that I have had in the 2 years since I started the ketogenic diet and I must admit it has been, and is, an amazing journey that has allowed me to expand my experience of life. The doors of opportunity that have opened have been nothing short of miraculous.

The weight loss, of course, is a huge contributory factor, as so much of my focus over time has been this, but this, in retrospect, is almost a side effect. The effect on my mental clarity, health markers, energy levels and motivation has been profound. I am inspired to take care of my body, that has served me so faithfully over the years despite my ill treatment of it, inspired to be creative in ways that are even a surprise to me.

So much of our time, effort and capacity is wasted on the things that are wrong with our lives, that we forget that there is so much that is right. If we just accept, where we are right now and find small things that make us happy, the big things will find their way to us. The pleasure of life is in the little things, the smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, the joy of your dog licking your face, the peace in having a loved one hold your hand. These are the things that truly make us happy.

To my readers, I’d like to say today, MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF, find what makes you happy and do that for a little while every day. It doesn’t matter whether it is writing or art or cooking as long as you feel fulfilled doing it. Spend time outside, in nature, as much as you can, soaking up the sunlight and moonlight, enjoying the little piece of heaven that we have right here on Earth, if only we would take our blinders off and really look. Eventually, you will find that, in the peace that is the gift of the heavens, you will find your purpose and your dreams fulfilled.



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